Celebrity SimCity: Day 3 - Everyone poops

Notchtopia's Clean Air Initiative


Markus "Notch" Persson

Founder of Mojang ● Twitter: @notch Web: mojang.com

Population: 24,967 ● Treasury: §23,518

A stunning transformation: in a mere weekend, Notchtopia has grown from a small town to a mid-sized city with an accredited university. What could have fueled such growth? Why, just the freshish air gusting inland from Hepatitis Seas and spinning Notchtopia's fields of clean wind turbines!

...And also the 30 megawatts Notch is pumping in from Hepatitis Seas' coal plant. Hepatitis Seas mayor Robert Bowling had no comment on the deal between the two cities other than a phlegmy cough.

That's the story so far, but we'll be back soon with another update. Our final mayor, Ashly Burch , is still on her way to the region, at which point we'll probably ask her what she's building.

If you missed them, catch up with Day 1 and Day 2 , and pull the announcement out of the county records office for more about the mayors.

Tyler Wilde
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