Catlateral Damage Halloween update introduces the 'Furightful Lab'

Catlateral Damage Halloween

Catlateral Damage succeeded on Kickstarter, by the way. Just in case you were left hanging by our last news story about the feline-based destruction game over a year ago. It sailed over its funding goal, and it released this May, and everything was right with the world.

Oh yeah, today's news. Catlateral Damage has a Halloween update, introducing *groan* the 'Furightful Lab'. It certainly looks Halloweeny—and full of objects that need to be cat-handled with your un-opposable not-thumbs. The new level is a "basement laboratory filled with potions, science equipment, and other spooky things to swat onto the floor," developer Chris Chung sez. "To access it, look for a Jack-o'-lantern in regular levels (which show up more frequently in October) or select it in Litterbox Mode."

The level is part of update v1.0.4, which also migrates the game from Unity 4 to 5. As part of that, the game now features an "improved" physics engine, "so performance should be a bit better when there are lots of objects on the floor (like during extended periods of supermarkat destruction)".

Cheers, RPS.

Tom Sykes

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