Catlateral Damage brings cheerful destruction to Kickstarter

Catlateral Damage is a game about interior decoration, but also about the irreconcilable differences that separate cohabiting species. On the one side are humans, who largely believe that objects should be placed neatly on surfaces. On the other, cats: furry agents of destruction and chaos, who reject concepts of ownership, property and TVs that aren't lying smashed on the floor.

It's a big topic for a game, and as such, requires a lot of exploration. The free browser version is an admirable attempt to capture this maelstrom of violence, but there's more that can be done. Step forward a Kickstarter campaign , and an attempt to transform the game into a more complete simulation of the household pet experience.

As with the existing version, the main goal of the game is to knock as many objects over as fast as is felinely possible. But, should the campaign succeed, the developers will be able to push things further with randomly generated levels, a selection of escalating houses, and catnip.

"Your goal is to reach the fancy mansion down the street and destroy the super secret, super valuable object hidden within its locked safe. You start in your home apartment, traversing and trashing various houses on the street until your reach the mansion. In each house, you start in a locked room and make messes in rooms to unlock adjacent ones. Once all rooms are sufficiently sloppy, you nap in a box (yes, really) before moving on to the next house. Each residence is larger and contains more valuable possessions than the last. You may even encounter special locations on your journey..."

The developers are hoping to raise $40,000, and, after a single day, are more than a quarter of the way to that target. The only potential downside to PC backers is that the developers have signed up to OUYA's Free The Games Fund. It means OUYA will match funds up to the initial goal, but also that the game will be a timed exclusive on that console.

Phil Savage

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