How Warzone 2 crossplay works

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Warzone 2 crossplay lets you progress across multiple platforms so you don't have to run around levelling weapons twice or rebuilding your best loadouts. It also means there are a lot more people to matchmake with, which is pretty great when you're playing with a hundred and up others in Battle Royale.

If you're just stepping into Al-Mazrah for the first time, you might want to know how Warzone 2 contracts work, how to make money so you can buy your loadout, or where to find a black site key to unlock a weapon blueprint. That said, here's how Call of Duty: Warzone 2 crossplay works, and whether it's possible to disable it if you don't want to play with other platforms. 

How does Warzone 2 crossplay work?

Crossplay in Warzone 2 is enabled by default, and functions across PC, Playstation, and Xbox. When you're matchmaking with a squad, you can see which platform they each come from by the symbol that appears next to their username. You can also add friends from other platforms using their Activision ID now that the friends list bug has been fixed. 

In terms of cross-progression, your Activision account records everything that you unlock on PC, allowing you to play on other platforms with the same weapons, loadouts, operators, and vice-versa. 

Can you turn crossplay off on PC? 

If you're on console and don't want to play against those with mouse and keyboard, you can turn crossplay off by following these instructions: 

  • Load up Call of Duty: Warzone 2
  • Open the general menu and cycle across to the 'Settings' tab
  • Select 'Account and Network' near the bottom
  • Turn 'Crossplay' off

Unfortunately, there isn't an option to turn off crossplay on PC, but on the plus side, at least you'll never be short on people to play with. 

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