Broforce development trailer shows explosions, guns, bros

The bro geniuses at Free Lives have been shepherding their brotastic game, Broforce , though Steam Greenlight . I mean, uh, Bream.... Breenlight? I'm bad at this. Broforce , the ludicrous side scrolling platformer so crammed full of 80s action-movie goodness that it just keeps exploding spontaneously, is still in development, but we've got a nice explode-y new trailer to keep us occupied. It's full of development footage and nice Inception-style BRAAAAAAAHM noises.

Join Rambro, Bro Dredd, Indiana Brones, the Brominator, Robrocop, and other bros as the squad leads an insane charge against fully destructible terrorist strongholds, kills absolutely everything in a shower of pixelated blood, plants the good ol' Stars and Stripes, and rides away in a helicopter while everything self-destructs.

This game is so fearless and confident that you can play the prototype right now, for free, while the final version—to be released sometime this year—is being developed and pitched to the Steam Greenlight community . Dive in, climb a sheer cliff face with a hunting knife, and turn some terrorists into pulp for FREEDOM.