Brew yourself out of debt in Potionomics, a potion shop sim

VIDEO: Watch the Potionomics trailer from the PC Gaming Show above. Also on YouTube.

As a hero you're no doubt used to stampeding into town between adventures, bursting into the local potion shop to fill up on healing tonics and invisibility brews, and then getting right back to killing skeletons or dragons or ghosts or whatever. You know, hero stuff.

But what about that shopkeeper who sold you those precious potions? What's her whole deal? Potionomics, developed by Voracious Games, wants to give you a look at life on the other side of the counter. Check out the charming and colorful Potionomics teaser above.

In Potionomics, which is part shopkeeping sim and part RPG, you play as Sylvia, a witch deep in debt and hoping to make some bank by running a potion shop. With the help of an economist (trapped in the body of an owl), you'll deal with heroes, creatures, and other troublesome customers while you brew and sell potions to turn a profit. You'll need to procure ingredients, haggle with other characters, manage your stress levels, and learn new skills and recipes if you want to brew yourself out of debt.

I am definitely interested in running my own potion shop, and the card-based system for winning over customers looks neat, too. Potionomics is "coming soon-ish," and in the meantime you can visit the official site and devblog. See more exciting game trailers and news from The PC Gaming Show right here.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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