Breach is a competitive co-op dungeon crawler coming to Early Access

Asymmetrical, co-op dungeon crawler Breach will be appearing on Steam Early Access in January. It pits a squad of heroes against monsters from myth and their boss, a demonic dungeon master controlled by another player. Point your eyes at the trailer above. 

In his Breach preview, Luke compared Breach to Shadowrun, in setting at least, thanks to the fusion of magic and mythology with the modern world. I’m getting a similar vibe, but I’m also reminded of the excellent and sometimes underappreciated MMO, The Secret World, now Secret World Legends. There’s the clash of magic and mundane, but there’s also the diverse classes that mix mystical and martial skills.

Perhaps you prefer the Elementalist, who calls down humongous meteors and earthquakes with interminably long casting times. Or the Gunslinger, who dumps clip after clip of molten lead into any unlucky fiend in their way. Or maybe you're looking for a swordsman that packs free-flowing aerial combat, Devil May Cry style, where you can keep an enemy propelled in the air through a constant juggle of physics-defying slashes. Or perhaps you want to try something truly off the wall, like the Lich, who hides a phylactery somewhere on the map and is essentially immortal until it's found and destroyed.

It’s the villain I’m most interested in, though. Veil demons are player-controlled bosses who can possess monsters, set up traps and generally cause problems for the adventurers traipsing through their dungeon. Who could blame them? I’d probably be a bit miffed if someone broke into my dismal lair, too. 

Ahead of the Early Access launch, developer QC Games is hosting an extended technical alpha between November 30 and December 2. A new class will be available during the playtest, too. It’s called the Chronomancer, so expect wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. 

While Breach will be free-to-play eventually, you’ll need to pay for the Early Access version when it launches in January.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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