Bloody Good Time announced

bloody good time thumb

Bloody Good Time is a multiplayer shooter from Outerlight Studios (they made The Ship) that'll be trundling onto Steam later on in the year. You're an actor competing for a part in a horror film. You compete by murdering other actors for the part. While that's nothing like how real actors audition, it's a lot like games journalism.

It's an 8 player brawler with frying pans, scary clowns, blood, guts, and exploding rats. It'll will have four game modes, and we know about two of them: regular old death match, and revenge mode, where you have a target to kill and can safely sneak past others.

For those of you whose purchasing decision hinges on whether or not a game is published by Ubisoft, you should know that this is published by Ubisoft. Here are some screens: