Blood Bowl 2 update put free items behind a paywall, but it was an error

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In-game microtransactions are tricky things. Most developers and publishers take great care applying them, because one wrong foot can seriously peeve a dedicated playerbase. So it came as a rude shock to Blood Bowl 2 owners when, following a recent update, previously free in-game items were locked behind a paywall. That caused a lot of consternation as you might expect, but according to Cyanide Studios it was an innocent mistake.

In an update on the game's Steam page, a spokesperson assured players they were working on fixing what they assure was an error. "There was indeed a problem with the latest patch and it affected the game/store content," the message read.

"We’re aware of the store content issue caused by the latest patch and are working quickly to resolve it. Jersey’s that were previously free shall be free once more."

Oh, and aside from introducing a particularly nasty bug, the recent update brought a number of tweaks and fixes, as below:

- Player with "Really Stupid" don't get the +2 bonus on the roll anymore if the nearby team-mate is on the ground.
- Fix an issue with the Starplayer Brick in offline mode.
- It is no longer possible to use Piling On with a Foul
- Fix of an issue preventing Diving Catch from activating on an inaccurate pass or a Hail Mary Pass.
- Fix an issue affecting the IA teams statistics in solo mode.
- Corrections of Jim & Bob commentaries.
- Fix of a crash at the end of the campaign credits.
- Launch of the online shop

Cheers VG247.

Shaun Prescott

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