Bioshock 2 Protector Trials DLC out today for free

Bioshock 2

The Protector Trials DLC for Bioshock 2 is out on PC today. The pack includes a series of single player maps in which you defend a Little Sister from hordes of hungry Splicers. The DLC was originally meant to come out on consoles, but so many fans asked for it that 2K decided to restart development and release it for free on PC.

2K broke the news on the Bioshock 2 site , saying that the DLC will be available to download and play today, along with small patch that will fix some mouse sensitivity issues. The Protector's Trials pack has had a bit of a chequered past. It was originally scheduled to come out in January, and recently it was accidentally released on the Games for Windows Live Marketplace for a price. It was quickly taken down, and 2K have confirmed that the pack will be completely free.

2K are also planning to bring the more lengthy Minerva's Den DLC to PC as well. This adds an alternative single player campaign in which you play as Big Daddy who must fight his way into the heart of Rapture to shut down the rogue AI program that keeps the underwater city running. 2K haven't said whether they'll charge money for the pack, and there's no release date just yet, but they'll be be "making a similar announcement to this one as we get closer to a firm launch date for that pack."

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