Bioshock 2 Protector's Trials DLC accidentally released on Games for Windows Marketplace

Bioshock 2

Over the weekend the Bioshock 2 Protector's Trials DLC appeared for sale on Games for Windows Marketplace in spite of the fact that it's not finished, doesn't work, and promised for free. The DLC has since been removed from the store, but not before a number of people had bought the pack.

Writing on the 2K forums , community manager 2K Elizabeth said "Mistakes happen - sometimes out of our control," adding "all I can do is apologize."

There's no news yet on whether players who bought the DLC will be given refunds. It's also unclear whether 2K are planning to charge for the pack, after previously saying that it would be free .

"I won't have an update for you until Tuesday at the earliest, but I assure you I'll be coming here with a full report and let you guys know the state-of-the-state when I get the official rundown on what's going on."

The Protector's Trials adds a series of single player arena missions in which a little sister must be defended from waves of incoming attackers. The second, more substantial alternative single player campaign, Minerva's Den, is also being ported over to the PC. 2K haven't announced release dates for either pack just yet.

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