The biggest PC gaming stories of the week

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In a furious montage of PC Gamer staffers hammering at typewriters and kicking our increasingly outdated office PCs, another week has passed. But what happened? Find out more, as we step into this week's PC news zone.

Chucklefish responds to allegations it exploited volunteer Starbound developers

Creative industries are adept at seeking out free labor from keen young people who want to 'break in' to competitive fields. The situation described at Chucklefish is a classic example of what this looks like in the games industry, but similar things happen in media, music, television, film, and more. Volunteering for a commercial project might seem like a good way to get a foot in the door, but as many have expressed this week, when someone's making money off of the work of others, those workers ought to be paid.

You can watch UK parliament on Twitch

It has been quite a week in the UK, and now we can use Twitch emotes to express what a week it's been.

Rumours whisper of a new Splinter Cell game

What's that, above your head? It's Sam Fisher, doing the splits in an alleyway! He's almost invisible—a master of stealth—except for the three big bright lights he has on his face. In seriousness a new Splinter Cell game would be ace. 

Someone is levelling their WoW Classic priest entirely through their phone

Always be levelling.

Iconic scenes from The Shining, The Terminator and more redubbed with Half-Life sounds

Quality work from YouTuber TheMostUpset.

Warframe gets a chill musical minigame and its fastest Frame yet

I'm enjoying this current trend of updating games with genre-confounding features. Fortnite is the most visible example, but for years Warframe has been expanding in unpredictable ways. In the very beginning you could flip around and shoot stuff, now you can strum alien instruments, fish, capture animals, and collect stuffed toys.

Magic: The Gathering Arena officially launches later this month

I've been dipping into the pre-release version of this, and it's the best digital realisation of Magic I've encountered.

More news

Tweet of the week

Andy Kelly does love some good science fiction UI, and these shots hit the sweet spot.

Around the office

This week we exposed our desktop shame. Robin and Andy sit at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Chaos vs. order. 

A lot of PC Gamer are taking time off in September—a vital window between Gamescom, release season, and the holidays—but we still managed to throw a spotlight on some cool upcoming games, including Spacebase Startopia, Going Under, River Legends: A Fly Fishing Adventure and Empire of Sin. Meanwhile Joanna visited a wholesome gathering of Halo fans.

Have a great weekend folks. My recommendation: Boot up Control, unlock the telekinesis powers, then throw dudes at other dudes until satisfied.

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