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These are the best SMGs in Warzone

best cod warzone smg
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What are the best SMGs in Warzone? Personal preference plays a huge part in finding a weapon that suits you, but there are a few SMGs in CoD: Warzone that crop up in loadouts everywhere. Adding them to your loadouts gives you the best chance at finishing a match with a victory.  

Firefights can flare up at any time in Warzone, so you always need to be ready, and be packing a dependable SMG. Accuracy, fire rate, and recoil are just a few stats that affect how these weapons fare in the wild. I've saved you some time by compiling a list of the best SMGs in Warzone and highlighting their strengths and weaknesses to help you stay out of the Gulag.

The best SMGs in Warzone

The best Warzone SMGs are:

  • MP7
  • MP5
  • AUG
  • P90


The MP7 is easy to recommend for most situations, so check out our list of the best MP7 loadouts for Warzone to get the most from it. Compared to the other SMGs on offer, its fire rate and mobility are difficult to top. Emptying a full clip of accurate shots will quickly rack up your kill count, enough to scupper an enemy squad's plans. 

This fully automatic weapon is easy to tame, thanks to its surprisingly low recoil. For added stability, attach a Commando Foregrip. With its fast time-to-kill the MP7 is handy at any stage of a match, but it's especially strong late on. Sadly its range falls short, beaten even by the PP19 Bizon; Engaging enemies in close combat is the way to go with the MP7. 


The MP5 is the well-rounded, easy-to-use 9mm killer. Ideally, attaching an extended magazine is the way to go as you may need to fire off more shots to make this SMG viable. 

Its accuracy, damage, and range are not as impressive as the MP7's, which can make it feel second best. However, it's lethal at close range with immense rate-of-fire, mobility, and control stats. You won't be punished too harshly for running and shooting, so long as you don't ease your finger off that trigger.

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The AUG may feel very similar to an assault rifle, but it's actually a submachine gun, and a very good one at that. Excelling at close and mid-range combat, the AUG won't let you down once you've set your sights on the enemy with its low recoil and above-average mobility. As a result, you can switch between sprinting and aiming down sights without too much of a delay, making this the perfect weapon for a run-and-gun approach. 

While this weapon is a beast on its own, it's worth modding it with a 5.56 NATO 60-Round Mag. This increases its damage and range stats at the expense of recoil control, and the compromise is worth it. Your squad will be in your debt as you use it to tear through an entire enemy team on your own, and with the mag mod, the AUG's rate-of-fire ensures you'll have ammo left over. 


Some doubt the powers of the P90, but I love using it to get up close and personal to opponents. While it's not the most accurate weapon, its fire rate, mobility, and recoil are enough to have you dancing through most firefights. It's also very satisfying to pop up from behind a wall and surprise an enemy with a few bursts of fire.  

The P90 struggles at mid and long ranges, but it's a solid choice if you're relatively new to Warzone and need a weapon that can keep up without depending on mods. If you've invested enough time to unlock some mods, the Lightweight Suppressor is a great option for sneaking up on unsuspecting opponents. It's a wild card of sorts, but silence truly is golden as you close in on your prey.