The best Assault Rifles for Warzone

Best AR in Warzone - two COD operators aim weapons at enemies off-screen.
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"Which gun is the best assault rifle in Warzone?" I hear your cries. Your calls for information. Your desire, specifically, for a 'best ARs in Warzone' tier list on the PC Gamer website. Well, your prayers have been answered, friend. What a treat this day is for you. 

Read on to find out startling information such as: 

  • What the best assault rifle in Warzone is
  • What some other good assault rifles in Warzone are

I've only put in the best and most viable weapons here, so if it's on this page, the gun is well worth using. So then, what's the best assault rifle in Warzone?

S-Tier - The Best Warzone Assault Rifles

Krig 6

Right now, the Krig 6 is the top dog in Verdansk. According to WZRanked (opens in new tab), Warzone players seem to agree as well, with it being the most-used gun in Warzone. It's easy to see why, too. The Krig 6 is just such a reliable, long-range monster of a weapon that'll get you absolute laserbeam accuracy from miles away. If you haven't used the Krig before, I would highly suggest checking out my Warzone Krig 6 loadout (opens in new tab). It's fantastic for all ranges and I'd highly recommend you check it out.


The C58 is a slightly more high-skill weapon. Your time-to-kill is going to be faster than the Krig 6, at the cost of some slightly trickier recoil properties. Regardless, you should give the Season 4 AR a go if you have it unlocked. This thing is so reliable when you're hitting your shots and taking the right engagements, and it's my go-to these days. There's a great Warzone C58 loadout (opens in new tab) on PC Gamer too, if you fancy learning a little more about this absolute treat of a weapon!

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A-Tier - Strong Warzone Assault Rifles


The FARA 83 has come in and out of the meta since its introduction into Warzone. At the moment, the gun is in a really strong place, offering a long-range option with a large magazine capacity and decent level of accuracy. When this gun was nerfed along with the C58, some thought the worsened recoil would lead to a significant drop in its usefulness, however this has been far from the truth. Give our FARA 83 loadouts (opens in new tab) a try and see for yourself! We have all kinds of ways to build it, from long range minimal recoil to a pseudo-SMG version of the gun.


Season 5's EM2 packs some serious firepower and is amazingly fun to use. I struggle to fault it, aside from the maximum ammunition capacity being a modest 40. Even with this holding it back though, the EM2's high damage and low fire rate means you get a whole lot of potential damage per magazine. It's a real high-skill gun and every shot counts massively. Reckon you have what it takes? Check out some of my favourite EM2 loadouts (opens in new tab).

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Remember the AMAX? The horrifying weapon that dominated the meta for far too long? Phew, I sure am glad it's gone and never going to be seen again. Right? 

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! It's the CR-56 AMAX coming right back to take you down! Okay, it's not completely dominant and has had several aspects nerfed over multiple balance patches, but the AMAX still holds a solid place in the meta as a strong Warzone AR. Check out some handy CR-56 AMAX loadouts (opens in new tab) if you aren't sure yet.


I used to absolutely hate the QBZ-83. An absolutely pathetic excuse for an AR, I would scoff in its face in favour of the XM4 (opens in new tab), Stoner 63 (opens in new tab), Grau 5.56 (opens in new tab), and all manner of other weapons. Alas, the QBZ now has the last laugh. While its damage is still somewhat mediocre, the utter lack of any recoil at all on the QBZ is what draws me to it. You can utterly destroy enemies from far enough away that they won't even see you until it's too late. Check out the best Warzone QBZ loadouts (opens in new tab) for more detailed advice!

B-Tier - Reliable Warzone Assault Rifles


Old reliable. It really is a delight to go back to the M4A1. A reminder of simpler times, where all you needed in Verdansk was some solid accuracy and a basic AR. None of these newfangled, fancy-pants 'unique attachments', or 'damage values' mattered. Okay, maybe that isn't strictly true, but the M4A1 is just as sound as ever as a long-ranged option or a sniper support gun. Check out some of the best Warzone M4A1 loadouts (opens in new tab) for a bit more info.


The AK-47 is a massively versatile weapon. In one loadout, you could have a fantastic little SMG-type weapon backing up an LMG or one of the more rangey ARs. In another, you might make the AK your ranged option, gunning down baddies from ages away with attachments to help you do so. You could even go somewhere between the two and use this weapon as a solid backup to an aggressive sniper like the Kar98k. Whatever you want, one of our Warzone AK-47 loadouts (opens in new tab) can deliver!


It really does feel quite harsh putting the RAM-7 all the way down here. It's still good, I swear! Look at how complimentary I was in my guide for the best Warzone RAM-7 loadouts (opens in new tab)! I genuinely think the RAM is underrated, maybe even on this very list. Still, if you're feeling like trying a gun not many others are using, this thing works a treat. The essence of reliability, you'll feel comfortable and at home when using the RAM-7 in Warzone.

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