Batman: Arkham City patched, DirectX 11 now works for some

Batman Arkham City - flying batkick to face ... lol

Steam informs us that Batman: Arkham City has just been updated, fixing its DirectX 11 issues , at least for 64 bit users. According to Rocksteady, those playing the game on Windows 7 or Windows Vista 32 bit systems will sadly have to stick to DirectX 9 until a the next patch, but everyone else should be fine.

Check inside for the full list of fixes:

  • Performance / hitching issues have been greatly improved for running in DX 11.
  • An issue with players running out of Video Memory or encountering a Rendering Thread Exceptions has been address. This was primarily affecting 32-bit Operating Systems.
  • A progression block after defeating Ra's Al Ghul has been fixed. This was issue occurred primarily on lower end computer setups and described as Batman not readying his Reverse Batarang.
  • A crash that occurred when scrolling between the Character Bios and Arkham City Stories has been fixed.
  • A crash that occurred when selecting “Press Start” immediately when available at the Title Screen has been fixed. The issue was described as crashing/hard locking around the DLC (Downloadable Content) check.

Has this patch fixed your issues readers? Or are you still having problems?