Batman: Arkham City free challenge maps and DLC skin released

Batman Arkham City - new skin OF VENGEANCE

For a man solely dedicated to bringing vigilante justice to the criminals of the world, Batman spends a lot of his time coming up with new outfits. As a thank you to everyone who bought the game, Rocksteady are releasing the Batman Incorporated alternative skin for Batman: Arkham City, and have released a cheat code that will let everyone unlock another skin normally awarded for completing the story. Commenter Jexx points out that there's a free challenge map on offer, too, containing Jokers Carnival, the Iceberg VIP Lounge and the Batcave. Here's how you can get hold of them.

You can download the Batman Incorporated skin for free now on the XBox Live PC store . The challenge maps are here . To unlock the other alternative skin, load up your save profile, head to the main menu and enter the following:

Left, Left, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Up, Up, Down.

If you hear a musical cue, you'll know it's worked. If you hunger for more alternative outfits, you can buy a skin pack with seven new looks . None of them are sporting santa hats though, sadly.

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