Bandai Namco officially announces Bryan Fury for Tekken 8, after accidentally announcing Bryan Fury for Tekken 8

Bryan Fury wielding a minigun in Tekken 8
(Image credit: Bandai Namco)

Bryan Fury is coming to Tekken 8, Bandai Namco has revealed. Twice.

Everyone's favourite deranged zombie cyborg was confirmed for Tekken 8's character roster at this year's Combo Breaker fighting tournament, held over the weekend. The announcement came in the form of a trailer, viewable above, with the tagline "A wildcard for violence and destruction".

The announcement didn't go entirely smoothly, however. As reported by VGC, the trailer was apparently posted to an official Instagram account earlier than intended, left up long enough to start circulating among YouTube channels before being pulled offline.

Tekken producer Michael Murray issued an apology for the premature reveal on Twitter, stating "I apologise to fans who saw that particular thing in not the way @Harada_Tekken and I had wanted it to happen," Murray added. "I feel bad for all you guys."

According to VGC, Tekken 8's director Katsuhiro Harada also commented on the leak in a subsequently deleted tweet, pointing the finger at Bandai Namco Europe for the error, and stating "That's why I warned you years ago not to post on a timer."

In any case, the trailer makes Bryan look like tons of fun to play. The character has always stood out since his introduction into the Tekken roster in 3, with his shock of white hair and hyper-aggressive fighting style. He seems to have lost little of that manic ferocity in the years since, with the trailer showing Bryan locking on to a target with his cybernetic eye for a devastating flying punch, and celebrating by firing a minigun in the air before lobbing the weapon at the camera.

Tekken 8 was originally announced back in June last year. Bandai Namco still hasn't specified a release date, but it has confirmed a bunch of returning characters, including Hwoarang, Lars Alexandersson, and Jun Kazama, the latter of whom hasn't been seen since way back in Tekken 2.