Back 4 Blood is among October's Xbox Game Pass for PC additions

a zombie in back 4 blood
(Image credit: Turtle Rock)

Xbox Game Pass for PC is starting to look as appealing as its console equivalent, with a bunch of good games joining the service throughout October. The highlight is Back 4 Blood, which has already been confirmed, but it's worth remembering you can jump right in come October 12 rather than pay full price.

Visage is also joining the service come October 7. It's a survival horror heavily inspired by P.T, and it's bloody terrifying, if a little inscrutable at first. Elsewhere, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator joins on October 5, which is an excellent physics sandbox for people who prefer their videogame battles totally inaccurate.

Here's the list:

October 5: Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
October 7: The Procession to Calvary, Visage
October 12: Back 4 Blood, Destiny 2: Beyond Light
October 14: Ring of Pain, The Riftbreaker
October 15: The Good Life

As per usual, there's a handful of games leaving the service too: Gonner2, Heave Ho, Katana Zero, Scourgebringer, Tales of Vesperia HD and The Swords of Ditto all leave on October 15.

Xbox Game Pass for PC is $1 for the first month, and then $10 / £8 / AU$10.95 until you choose to cancel. 

Shaun Prescott

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