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Baby Yoda joins Minecraft in new Star Wars crossover

Hrrrm! DLC focused on the original Star Wars trilogy, push my buttons it does. Today Minecraft announced a new Star Wars crossover, available now on the marketplace, that adds content from A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi, as well as The Mandalorian. Yes, there's a voxel Baby Yoda. 

Baby Yoda in Minecraft

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The pack consists of a map, 12 planet dioramas, a skin pack, and the official soundtrack. The locations chosen are the classics: the Death Star, Mos Eisley Cantina,  the Ewok village, Hoth complete with AT-AT walkers, Jabba's palace, Tatooine... and just look at those character models, especially voxel Jabba.

Voxel the Hutt

"Solo, la pa loiya Solo!" (Image credit: Microsoft)

The DLC costs 1300 Minecoins, which works out at around $5 by my math. This isn't the first official Minecraft crossover with Star Wars, there are some old costume packs still available (and of course a million player-made mods), but the bespoke textures in this new offering are a hundred times better. Buy it, I must.