Award-winning mobile game Florence is coming to PC

Florence, released in February 2018 for iOS devices and shortly thereafter for Android, is a 20-chapter story of Florence Yeoh, a young cellist living a routine life who meets and falls for a street performer named Krish. It wasn't a huge seller—director Ken Wong told Game Informer in 2019 that sales were "okay"—but it was a major critical hit, winning "best mobile game" titles at The Game Awards, DICE Awards, GDC Awards, and BAFTAs, among others.

Next week, Florence's tale of "the spectacular and bleak moments of her very first love" will come to PC via Steam and GOG. It's a linear experience, and not very long—the Steam listing puts it at around 30 minutes, with gameplay including light puzzles and minigames that reflect or reveal Florence's thoughts and actions. But the story's the thing: Publisher Annapurna Interactive described it as "short, but deeply meaningful."

Florence will sell for $6 on PC (the price isn't currently listed on Steam but Annapurna confirmed it in the announcement), and will include the outstanding soundtrack that you can get a listen to on Spotify. (Do note that the track titles kind of blow the narrative arc, so if you're really invested in an unspoiled experience you'll want to stay away from that.) You can find out more about Florence at

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Andy Chalk

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