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Xbox Game Pass for PC is getting five new games, including Overcooked 2

(Image credit: Team17)

Five new games have been confirmed for Xbox Game Pass for PC, and one of them – the above-pictured Overcooked 2 – is available right now. It's timely: this is a genuinely cheerful game, even if you hate cooking (actually, it's exceptionally good if you do hate cooking). 

Four other games have been confirmed as "coming soon." These include Football Manager 2020, which our review described as "another superb entry that feels tailor-made for the series' most dedicated players." Alvastia Chronicles, which is yet another one of Kemco's ye olde styled JRPGs, is also joining the list.

The list is rounded out by Mistover, a stylish turn-based RPG, and Stranger Things 3: The Game, which didn't get very positive critic reviews but seems to be doing ok on Steam

It's not a super exciting bunch of new games, but the Xbox Game Pass for PC game list is pretty big at this stage. Microsoft announced today that it's Honey I Shrunk The Kids-inspired survival game Grounded will launch on the service in July.

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