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What did you play last week?

Steven Messner has been playing League of Legends for the first time—strictly casual mode because he hasn't unlocked ranked yet. I wonder if it'll go downhill once he does, but right now he sounds like he's having a fine time. Reading this made me want to reinstall Heroes of the Storm.

If you thought League of Legends was a bit of an old game to be playing in 2019, here's Phil Iwaniuk rebuilding his first PC so he can play Half-Life the way it was supposed to be played. Although he hasn't tracked down a CRT monitor yet, he does seem to be getting what he wants from the experience.

Chris Livingston has been on a cities and civilizations kick, trying out both Dawn of Man—the latest game to win the streamer/Steam frontpage lottery—and Ostriv, a Ukrianian city-builder that's still in alpha. That's not a description that makes it sound like an exciting time, but trust me, you want to read about what happened in it.

Philippa War reinstalled Audiosurf and then realized she didn't have any music on her hard drive. I just realized my new PC doesn't either—it's all on my phone and the old PC I'm hanging on to until it finishes dying. Anyway, this led to some meditating on the ways we listen to music and boy howdy did some dudes in the comments section not appreciate that.

Tyler Wilde played Ape Out, an impressionistic game about a gorilla smashing together people who explode like water balloons. He enjoyed it and its jazz soundtrack, but did find that later levels didn't add as much as he hoped. My experience was similar, though the main problem I had was that I tried playing it with mouse and keyboard. I don't recommend it. As soon as I plugged in a controller it became 10 times better.

Enough about us. What have you been playing? Anyone try The Occupation, or have you all grabbed Devil May Cry 5? Let us know!

Jody is that guy who will try to convince you to play some indie game you've never heard of with a name like Extreme Meatpunks Forever. He is also on a doomed quest to play every Warhammer game.