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Warhammer sailing game Man O' War: Corsair launches April 19

Man O' War Corsair is a Warhammer universe sailing game that lets you battle monsters, and other Warhammer races, out on the open sea. It's been in early access for around a year, but now developer Evil Twin Artworks reckons it's ready to release the game for real—and it will do so on April 19th. It's an occasion that calls for a barrel of grog, and of course the traditional launch trailer—now updated with a proper 60 fps video.

Fraser from Evil Twin details the launch of version 1.0 in this Steam news post, stating that they "now have a game that can float on its own hull—it's been tested in battle (lots of battles, so many orcs) and fire by you folks, many a bug has been found and fixed. We have an in-depth open world sandbox campaign for the Independent humans, and a straightforward pillage and destroy campaign with Khorne. We have Custom Battles to allow you to fight any of the races against the others—34 different ship types, 13 types of wizard".

1.0 won't mean the end of development, of course, with Evil Twin planning to incorporate additional Chaos campaigns, Imperial and Bretonnian campaigns, and a harder difficulty mode after release.

We interviewed Evil Twin studio head James Carroll back in Feb 2016. Do give it a read.