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Space Channel 5 is coming back as a VR game

A fresh version of one of Sega's classic properties that isn't Sonic the Hedgehog was announced last year, with Dreamcast classic Space Channel 5 returning in VR form. Now there's a launch trailer and while only the PlayStation VR version has a release date (February 25 in the US, February 26 in Europe) the website lists Vive, SteamVR, and Oculus versions coming soon.

Space Channel 5 and its sequel (which is the only one of the two available on PC) were deeply strange rhythm games from the early 2000s in which a journalist named Ulala who lives in the 1960s idea of the future defeats aliens in dance-offs. They featured cameos from Michael Jackson, who played a character named "Space Michael". That's one thing this new VR version will presumably leave out, though it does look true to the style of the originals. (Original voice actor Apollo Smile has been replaced by Cherami Leigh, who voices the lady version of V in Cyberpunk 2077.)

While it's a shame this new Space Channel 5 game, subtitled "Kinda Funky News Flash", will only be available in VR, it's nice to see Sega bringing back one of their old series people actually liked. Jet Set Radio next?

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