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Slime Rancher is getting a free VR update

Have you ever dreamed of leaving your humdrum life on Earth, to set out on an adventure that takes you light years away to another planet, so you can try your hand at slime wrangling? No? Me neither. But Beatrix LeBeau did and, as the video above shows, it looks like a lot of (silly) fun.

Developers, Monomi Park have teamed up with VR studio, 3lb Games to bring Slime Rancher’s first VR update, free on Steam, later this year.

The update will see give players the chance to roam in “unique VR playgrounds,” taken from popular locations in the Far, Far Range—the alien planet where Slime Rancher is set—where you’ll also get to see a number of your favourite slimes in a whole, new way.

Slime Rancher launched last year and has received more than a dozen free updates in that time. You can check out some of the new screenshots below.