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Shakedown: Hawaii is the latest Epic Games Store timed exclusive

Retro City Rampage follow-up Shakedown: Hawaii is due out this spring, and it's also joining the roster of Epic Games Store timed exclusives. Developer Vblank Entertainment has posted an accompanying overview trailer, showcasing the sort of not-quite-legal activities you'll be able to get up to as you try to build your entirely legitimate business empire. Check it out above. 

The 16-bit open world romp squashes together pixelated action and business management. You'll be able to tear across the island on foot, by road or in a boat, causing mayhem with all manner of weapons. As a CEO, you'll have to gobble up the competition and make money through rent, shady business deals and dodgy schemes. 

I always enjoy GTA's business diversions, even if they're typically pretty shallow. While Shakedown does look like a bit like a retro GTA, much likes its predecessor, it looks like its approach to the management side of things is more holistic. It doesn't seem just like an activity or diversion. I get a feeling there won't be much time spent pouring over profit charts and intimidating spreadsheets, however.

You'll be able to start your own business empire this spring. 

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