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See Breath of the Wild modded to run in first-person

Modders have done some amazing (and deeply strange) things with Breath of the Wild's emulation. Now you can even play it in first-person at 60 frames-per-second in whatever resolution you like. As you can see in the video by BSoD Gaming above, the viewpoint smoothly switches to third-person when you climb, swim, or lock-on to an enemy, though you can also perform attacks in first-person.

This is Breath of the Wild running in the Cemu emulator, which is available for consoles as well as PC (though it demands one of the best graphics cards). Other modders have used it to alter aspects of the game like removing rain, changing the way weapon degradation works, or getting rid of the cel-shading to give it a very different look.

Here's the mod's official page.

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