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How to change the language in Red Dead Redemption 2

red dead redemption 2 change language
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How do you change language in Red Dead Redemption 2? Perhaps you've launched your game, ready to venture out into the untamed wilds of the American frontier and you can't understand anything that's going on. That's not necessarily because you're overwhelmed by the game's systems, but because the game just isn't speaking your language? Equally you might just fancy using the medium of action-adventure epics to refresh your memory on your second language, you clever polyglot, you.

Either way, it really isn't clear how to change language in RDR2. English is the default, but that might be your preferred one. There isn't a setting for it once you've launched the game, so it can be a bit finicky. Anyway, so you can get your Western romp started exactly the way you want it on PC, here's how to change the language of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2: how to change language

As I've mentioned above already, there actually isn't an option to change the language of your game once you've launched it. However, don't despair: there is a fix for this, but you will have to save and quit your game to desktop. 

The way I managed to fix the problem was by exiting the game and tweaking the settings of the Rockstar Games Launcher. I don't have the game on the Epic Store Launcher, so I'm not certain how that works yet. However, if you bought the game on Rockstar's bespoke service, here's how to do it.

From the main menu, hit the SETTINGS tab in the top-right corner. Now at the very top of the page you should see a drop down menu that allows you to select the language you want. Once one is selected, the whole language of your launcher will change, so be sure to pick carefully. Then, provided you exited the game, whe you load back in your language should have changed in game. You're welcome, vous êtes les bienvenus, and de nada.

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