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Planet Zoo release date and gameplay revealed at the PC Gaming Show

Planet Zoo's first gameplay trailer lets us take a closer look at the menagerie being designed by PC Gaming Show sponsor Frontier Developments. While the zoo's human guests look like their goofy Planet Coaster counterparts, the animals are considerably more realistic. They get depressed, play around and leave massive piles of poo on the ground.

Game director Piers Jackson says Frontier are creating what they believe are the most authentic animals that you'll have ever seen. They think, feel and react to the decisions you make. In the first trailer, they mostly seem to be relaxing. They deserve it, putting on a show for crowds all day.

Below: Our backstage interview with the developers of Planet Zoo at the PC Gaming Show.

"You're not just seeing all the lovely, pretty animals," says senior artist Liesa Bauwens. You'll be doing research and learning about conservation, too. It's a modern zoo where you'll be able to educate yourself about the animals you're looking after. 

You'll be able to get a sneak peek on Frontier's livestream. You'll be able to see the sorts of decisions you'll need to make as a zoo boss, which involves more than just keeping animals happy. You'll have staff to manage, guests to thrill and poo to clean up. 

Frontier has also revealed Planet Zoo's release date. The zoo's gates will open on November 5, with a beta planned for this summer. Watch the PC Gaming Show interview below:

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