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PC Gamer US podcast 235 – Hot Dish Insurgents

This episode's busting its seams with people eager to talk about all the latest video game news (and a few things that aren't video game-related at all). The author of LOVE, Eskil Steenberg joins us this week to offer developer insight on the news and explain why he's still using a decade-old mouse. Logan tells us all about his trip to the Bioshock Infinite announcement in New York, including why his skepticism turned to optimism with a single video of gameplay. The whole gang, including guests Andy Salisbury from the official World of Warcraft magazine and ex-PCG EIC Gary Whitta, tackle RUSE's lack of DRM, League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth latest additions, Fallout New Vegas' star-studded voice casting list, and our big scoop on the next big TF2 update.

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