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Pathologic Classic HD launches with weirdest trailer ever

Pathologic Classic HD

You have likely heard us at one point or another describe Pathologic, the Ice-Pick Lodge-created horror-adventure that came out in 2005, as brilliantly intriguing and almost entirely incomprehensible. And you may have thought that we were exaggerating. If so, I invite you to watch the launch trailer for Pathologic Classic HD, which came out today, and then reflect upon the fact that, yes, this is pretty much what the game is like.

To be fair, it might be more accurate to say that this is what the game was like. This "remastered" release features, among other improvements, an entirely redone English script, with new dialog and voiceovers. As I said in the Classic HD announcement earlier this month, that's big news, because the original release struggled under the weight of not just an incredibly bizarre premise, but also an English translation that wasn't exactly on the money.

Will having a better understanding of what's going on help the game make more sense? That, I cannot promise. As you can see, the weirdness runs deep.

Pathologic Classic HD is on sale on Steam for $10 until November 2. It is also, to clarify, entirely separate from the Pathologic remake that was successfully Kickstarted last year; that game is still in development and expected to be ready for late next year.

Andy Chalk
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