Pathologic remake confirmed, will launch on Kickstarter this September

An announcement arrives. Where did it come from? A swirling void of unknowable madness? Skittering figures just out of sight? The bloodied heart of a diseased, living city? No, it was just an email. Fortunately, the contents of the announcement are more unusual than its delivery method: Ice-Pick Lodge—creators of The Void and, most recently, Knock-Knock —have confirmed plans to remake their debut game , Pathologic. To fund the creepy RPG/adventure, the developers will launch a Kickstarter campaign this September. As a teaser, they've also released the above image.

I wouldn't normally pre-empt a crowdfunding campaign to this degree, but it's Pathologic . The game wasn't good in any of the ways you would traditionally associate the word, but it was weird and interesting—filled with ideas and ambition, but lacking the technical mastery to really pull them off. It was broken in so many ways. At the same time, it was a game that's completely unforgettable.

A remake, then, could be an ideal solution. Hopefully it means we'll get a fully working and properly translated version, without losing any of the weirdness of tone or structure.

For an idea of what to expect, check out the original game's trailer. Or don't, because, really, it won't give you any idea of what to expect.

Phil Savage

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