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Overcooked 2 adds adorable rat and turtle chefs in a free update

Co-op cooking romp Overcooked 2 is celebrating Chinese New Year with another free update. The Spring Festival, like last year's Chinese New Year update, includes a pair of new chefs and new kitchens to put them through their paces. Check them out in the trailer above.

Since we're about to enter the Year of the Rat, one of the new chefs is a cute rodent, but it's also accompanied by an equally adorable turtle. I'm going to feel very bad for shouting at them when I inevitably mess up the orders. 

You'll be able to cook in five new levels themed around the Spring Festival, and once again you'll need to watch out for a rogue dragon who couldn't care less that it's getting in your way while you try to run a business. Dragons all have inherited wealth, so they can never understand the plight of the small business owner. 

The Spring Festival update is out now for free. 

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