Overcooked 2 celebrates Chinese New Year with new chefs, levels, and survival mode

Overcooked 2, the game of co-op cooking and losing friends, is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a free update. Seven new kitchens, pig and dragon chefs, and new recipes have been flung into the game, available now. Feast your eyes on the trailer above. 

Despite being, in my experience, quite a stressful game, creating a tasty fruit platter or hot pot—the aforementioned new recipes—in a tranquil koi pond sounds lovely, and I'm sure there's no chance of arguments or chefs falling out. 

On top of the New Year festivities, Overcooked 2's also introducing a new mode. Survival mode tasks chefs with making the most dishes possible in the time allotted, with each dish you serve netting you more seconds and letting you keep cooking until your body and brain both give out and you can no longer tell the difference between soup and steak. Survival mode is available for all levels, including those from seasonal updates and DLC. 

In our Overcooked 2 review, Chris Schilling thought it was, once again, a great multiplayer romp, but a bit too safe, feeling like an expansion more than a sequel. Still, free updates are always nice, and maybe all of this extra stuff helps it to stand on its own legs. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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