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LawBreakers open beta is now underway

The LawBreakers open beta kicked off earlier today, meaning that anyone with a capable PC, an internet connection, and a bit of free time can take Cliff Bleszinski's new team-based, gravity-optional FPS for a spin. 

The beta will include a new map called Vertigo, "a high-altitude reconnaissance outpost with near suborbital elevation" set in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and a new CTF-style mode called Uplink. There's also a new Weapon Stickers customization feature in the beta, complete with a special "Beta participant" sticker that can be earned by finishing five matches. 

The beta is live now, so just pop over to Steam and click the button, and you'll be on your way. (Nvidia users should probably grab the latest Game Ready drivers, too.) Developer Boss Key Productions has also extended the duration of the beta test, so instead of ending on July 3 as was originally planned, it will be available until 9 am PT on July 5. 

LawBreakers is scheduled for full release on August 8, and will sell for $30. ("None of the $60 multiplayer-only game bullshit," as Bleszinski said during the PC Gaming Show at E3.) Find out more at