L.A. Noire's blooper reel is cool (and a little bit creepy)

L.A Noire gag thumb

L.A. Noire's motion capture was impressive, but still required input from fallible human beings. Hence mistakes were made. Hence a gag reel of fluffed lines, misjudged delivery and sneezing was created. Only here, Depth Analysis - the firm that supplied the MotionScan technology - has released that reel using the in-engine characters from the game. The result is... kind of weird.

The final game's facial performances always struck me as slightly off - a result of the overly exaggerated expressions required to flag up whether a suspect was nervous or lying. Here, as the actors' avatars break character, sticking out tongues and smirking, we take a sharp left turn into the Uncanny Valley. Still, the accuracy and detail of the capture is undeniably sophisticated.

Thanks, Kotaku .