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Kids do the craziest things in The Walking Dead: The Final Season's Episode 3 trailer

The Walking Dead: The Final Season's third and penultimate episode, Broken Toys, will rise from the Epic Games Store on January 15, nudging us closer to the conclusion of Clementine's gory, tragic tale. Take a gander at the trailer above. 

Skybound Games resurrected the series after Telltale closed, promising to develop it with a team made up of exclusively ex-Telltale staff. There are still ex-Telltale staff out of work because of the unexpected closure, however. 

The Final Season is also now an Epic Games Store exclusive. If you already own The Walking Dead: The Final Season on Steam or GOG, you'll be able to play the third episode normally, but anyone buying it now will have to visit Epic's shop. 

Fraser Brown
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