's Black Friday 'Not-a-Sale' is raising funds for charity

Today is officially Black Friday, a day of great deals and savings as far as the eye can see—we've got the best of it rounded up for you here—and indie digital storefront is taking part in the festivities by not having a sale. Instead of asking developers to drop their prices, it's giving 100 percent of its cut on sales for the day to The Trevor Project, a charity that provides support for LGBTQ youth in the US, and The Nature Conservancy, which works to combat climate change and encourage sustainable living around the world. 

That's not to say that there aren't any games on sale—there are—but I think it's more a matter of games that happened to be on sale when Black Friday rolled around, rather than a big bargain blowout targeted for the day. It's possible that some developers intentionally set their sales to run through Black Friday, but that leads down a rabbit hole of speculation that isn't really relevant to the matter at hand anyway. So let's have a look at a few of the discounts instead: 

A couple of developers, Laundry Bear Games and Ghost Time Games, said they would donate 100 percent of their sales for the day to in support of the charities; Midboss promised to do the same with 2064: Read Only Memories and said it would actually increase the price for the day by 25 percent to give the charities a little boost, although last time I checked it was still at its regular $20 price.

The Black Friday Not-a-Sale is not a sale so there's no end date, but the Not-a-Sale support for charity is today only.

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