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Guacamelee: Gold Edition wrestles onto Steam next week

Before a game is given its official PC reveal, it exists in my head as part of a dull grey memory pool, where things I've briefly noticed congeal together into a mess of half-ignored recollections. For instance, I've only now realised that Guacamelee! is a pun - and not just food with an exclamation mark - and that the game isn't just about punching, but also dimension jumping and chicken transforming. The reason for my new found attention? It's coming to PC next week.

IGN report that Guacamelee! Gold Edition is due for release on Steam from August 8th, bundled with the game's two DLC packs for £11.99/$14.99. In it, you follow luchador wrestler Juan as he attempts to save the president's daughter from an evil skeleton, with help from belly flopping body slams.

The Steam version will pack in achievements, trading cards, cloud saves and leaderboards, and everyone who buys in the first week will also get a copy of Drinkbox's first game, Tales of Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.

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