Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 is officially well into development. After years of rumors, and one major leak, we've finally seen its first reveal trailer that confirms details about the GTA 6 setting, characters, story, and release date. It will launch sometime in 2025—on consoles, at least.

It's still a bit of a wait, then, and Rockstar certainly doesn't need to hurry while GTA Online is still crushing it after a decade. So don't hold your breath until we get a full look at GTA 6: Rockstar doesn't like to rush for anybody. Until then, we'll be here collating any and all info that bubbles to the surface.

Here are the key details about GTA 6, followed by more information on its latest trailer, release date, and all our coverage on the game so far.

  • Release date: 2025 on consoles, unknown PC release date
  • Setting: Vice City, Leonida, a modern day parody of Miami, Florida
  • Characters: Bonnie and Clyde-style duo Lucia and Jason lead the GTA 6 cast

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When might the GTA 6 release date be?

We don't have a release date for GTA 6 yet, but we know that it's coming sometime in 2025. The big question at this point is: which platforms?

Yes, it will undoubtedly come to PC. But whether our version will launch simultaneously with the console release, or if we'll have to wait several months (or more) as we have with previous Rockstar games remains to be seen.

Check out the GTA 6 reveal trailer

The GTA 6 reveal trailer is light on details and is way more about getting across the vibe of a modern, social media-infused Vice City. Portions of the video emulate Instagram- and TikTok-style social media posts, which could provide some interesting gameplay twists depending on how (or if) the social mechanic is integrated into the game. It also prominently features the song Love is a Long Road by Tom Petty—a native of Florida.

The reveal confirmed many rumored and leaked details: that our main characters Lucia and Jason would be a Bonnie and Clyde-inspired criminal duo and that it would be set in the GTA series Miami analog: Vice City. We got hints about the story including a prison stay for Lucia, a mystery heist the duo is working towards, and their apparent romantic involvement.

Fans were so excited about finally seeing a reveal that they took to recreating the GTA 6 trailer in real life and also recreating it in Minecraft.

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