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Genital Jousting is releasing in Australia when it leaves Early Access this week

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Genital Jousting, the "multiplayer party game about flaccid penises and wiggly anuses", will release out of Early Access on January 18. That's good news if you're into amusing party games, and it's also good news if you're into video games about genitals. But it's even better news for Australians who have longed to play this dick-oriented video game, because it'll finally become available there.

You see, back when the game launched on Steam in 2016, publisher Devolver Digital announced that it wouldn't bother submitting the game to Australia's notoriously finicky classification board. As someone who lives in Australia and has witnessed the whims of that board firsthand, I'm pretty sure the game wouldn't have had a problem getting a rating. But given Devolver's experience with Hotline Miami 2, they're probably wary of wasting time and money with the organisation.

But they've gone and done it anyway, which is good, because now you no longer need to break the law to play the penis combat sim in Australia. The publisher made the announcement on Twitter earlier today, accompanied by a nice animated gif of penises fighting in a blow up pool. It's worth keeping in mind also, that once it launches out of Early Access  tomorrow, it'll get a price increase

Is Genital Jousting worth playing? All reports point to yes, though I haven't done so yet. Here's a nice video of the PC Gamer team playing it back in 2016.

Shaun Prescott
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