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Falcon Age's Epic exclusivity is ending and it's coming to Steam

Outerloop Games' first-person hooter Falcon Age was released exclusively on the Epic store a year ago, and will finally be coming to Steam on October 8. There's also a Switch version coming, as the trailer above would very much like you to know. 

In Falcon Age you raise and train a pet bird of prey to help take your planet back from robot colonizers, tackling outposts full of drones with your falcon as well as a stun baton. Drones are not the most exciting videogame enemy ever, but between outpost takeovers you can also set your bird to hunt, as well as farming and cooking a variety of snacks for them. They can even be dressed-up with hats and other cosmetics. And yes, you can pat the bird.

Falcon Age will be available for $US20 with a 25% off launch discount when it arrives on Steam

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