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DayZ's latest dev blog teases lighting improvements, lootable containers and physics

The DayZ team have recently revealed some more planned improvements from their development pipeline. As the early access survival game progresses over the next few months, post-apocalyptic survivors will find themselves helped (and hindered) by adjusted lighting, lootable fridges, increased zombies, and - most terrifyingly of all - a physics system. Through the implementation of a middle-ware physics engine, players will be able to throw items and ragdoll about. I look forward to seeing how the game's community will warp these systems in the name of trolling and torment.

For lighting, torches will emit a proper light source, so that the beam will also exist during the day. The plan is that, by doing so, night-time play will also be more viable. As for containers, they're becoming full inventories, offering players the possibility of more loot in places where, contextually, it would make sense.

Also planned are bows and arrows, new buildings, hunting and cooking, and improved zombies. The team want to not just add more zombies, but also fix the existing issues, like their current ability to phase through walls. In addition, fixing server desync and improving stability remain primary targets, with the latter key to allowing persistent objects that aren't wiped during a server respawn.

For a full list of planned improvements, head over to the DayZ development blog . Alternatively, you can absorb its information through the audio-visual update below.

Phil Savage
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