Best Black Friday PC gaming deals in Australia for 2023: The big day has passed but the bargains remain

Black Friday deals

Update: Black Friday is over! But Cyber Monday is now upon us. As a result, we're collecting the best Cyber Monday PC gaming deals, rather than Black Friday ones. You can find some highlights below.

You probably fall into one of a couple different camps when it comes to Black Friday PC gaming deals. Either you're a deal-curious punter, looking to be tempted by a discount you can't resist; or you're a dedicated follower of trends and have been tracking the price of that one thing—be it a gaming laptop or a graphics card—to snag the perfect price; or you do all your Christmas shopping across a smug November. Or you're just frustrated that every retailer in the land is trying to wave a raft of deals under your nose from the start of October, and find it all but impossible to parse the actual bargains from the stock-shifting trash.

Either way, whether you're looking for a loved one or to treat yourself, we'll be heavily curating the deals on this page today to make sure you can see where your hard-earned money should go.

Here at PC Gamer we spend our working week testing the latest products to see if they're worthy of our PC gaming setups. And the ones we think worthwhile, we tell you about. That's why we do it: You shouldn't have to waste a penny on poorly-made products. 

And, at a time with an increased focus on the cost of living across the world, it makes sense to save any large purchase for an event such as that around Black Friday, where every retailer in every corner of the globe will be cutting prices to tempt you into spending your money with them. Whether you're desperate for an air fryer, want to upgrade your PC setup, or go all-in on a whole new machine, the Black Friday sales event is a great time to bag a bargain.

There are simply too many deals on the internet nowadays to sift through them yourself, that's our job. But don't worry, we're not going to start peddling air fryers, or mattresses, or anything that doesn't have anything to do with PC gaming. That's what we know, and we're making sure to channel our years of expertise into making sure you know what the best deals are and don't have to go trawling though pages of not-actually-deals on Amazon, eBay, Mwave or elsewhere.

Where were the best Black Friday PC gaming deals?

Cyber Monday highlights

Black Friday is over! But Cyber Monday is now upon us. As a result, we're collecting the best Cyber Monday PC gaming deals, rather than Black Friday ones. You can find some highlights below.

Fanatical Black Friday sale: Discounts on new release games like Starfield, Rimworld, Resident Evil 4 and more

Fanatical Black Friday sale: Discounts on new release games like Starfield, Rimworld, Resident Evil 4 and more

As usual, Fanatical is cutting prices on a range of recently released gems as part of Black Friday. Unless noted otherwise, all of the below highlights are codes that redeem on Steam:

Starfield | AU$119.95 AU$89.96
Resident Evil 4 Remake |
AU$85.49 AU$47.87
Redfall |
AU$119.95 AU$25.78
Hi-Fi Rush |
AU$44.95 AU$28.31
The Invincible |
AU$44.99 AU$31.49
Rimworld |
AU$44.95 AU$32.81
Like a Dragon Gaiden |
AU$82.95 AU$72.16
RoboCop: Rogue City |
AU$73.50 AU$55.12

Lenovo Legion 5i Pro | i7 / 32GB RAM / 512GB SSD / RTX 3070 Ti GPU | AU$4,937.90 AU$1,999 at Lenovo eBay

Lenovo Legion 5i Pro | i7 / 32GB RAM / 512GB SSD / RTX 3070 Ti GPU | AU$4,937.90 AU$1,999 at Lenovo eBay (save AU$2,938.90)

Here a great deal this Cyber Monday. The RTX 3070 Ti is a strong gaming GPU, while a 12700H and 32GB of RAM mean this is a unit you'll be able to use for years to come. That lovely 2560 x 1600 165Hz screen deserves a shoutout too. This unit was a lot more expensive a year back. Don't forget to add the BF20AU code to bring it down to its final AU$1,999 price

Lenovo Legion Pro 7i  (Gen 8)| i9 / 32GB / 1TB SSD / RTX 4070 | AU$4,279AU$2,899 at Lenovo

Lenovo Legion Pro 7i  (Gen 8)| i9 / 32GB / 1TB SSD / RTX 4070 | AU$4,279 AU$2,899 at Lenovo (save AU$1,380)

Here's a substantial AU$1,380 off a gaming lappy sporting some very attractive specs. There's a 13th Gen Intel Core i9 processor under the hood complimented by a powerful RTX 4070 GPU, with a 16 inch 2560x1600 WQXGA display with HDR 400 support. There's a big 1TB SSD in there too.

Dell G3223Q 32-inch 144Hz 4K Gaming MonitorAU$599.50 at Dell

Dell G3223Q 32-inch 144Hz 4K Gaming Monitor | AU$599.50 at Dell

This high quality 32-inch Dell is a super affordable way to upgrade to 4K gaming. It's got a fast-IPS panel with good color reproduction, HDR, a 1ms response time, and a 144Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync Premium, G-Sync compatible and console support. It's got a good selection of ports too including dual HDMI 2.1 and 5Gbps USB with power delivery. That's a whole lot for under $600.

Corsair MP600 Pro LPX 2TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD with heatsinkAU$254 AU$189 at Amazon

Corsair MP600 Pro LPX 2TB NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD with heatsink | AU$254 AU$189 at Amazon  (save AU$65)

As some games cross the 200GB threshold, the need for a bigger SSD becomes critical. This Corsair MP600 2TB drive is a great option for housing an ever-growing game library. It's got a heatsink too, so it's PS5 compatible and of course it's a good option for PC motherboards that don't have integrated heatsinks.

Western Digital Black SN850X 2TB NVMe SSD AU289AU$205.85 at Amazon 

Western Digital Black SN850X 2TB NVMe SSD | AU289  AU$205.85 at Amazon  (save AU$83.15)

The Western Digital SN850X sits atop our list of favourite NVMe SSDs. At its original launch price it was already a very good SSD, but now that you can grab the 2TB version for 190 bucks, it becomes even better. Do note that this is the heatsink-less version so you'll need some kind of integrated motherboard cooling, even though its far from the hottest running drive you'll come across.

Intel Core i7 12700K 12-core CPU | AU$495AU$374.59 at Amazon

Intel Core i7 12700K 12-core CPU | AU$495 AU$374.59 at Amazon (save AU$120.41)

The i7 12700K is a fantastic gaming choice at this price and it doesn't require a high end cooler as most recent i9s do. Don't worry that this is 'only' a 12th Gen model. When it comes to gaming, you won't lose much at all compared to the fundamentally similar 13th and 14th Gen i7 models, though the newer chips do include more efficiency cores, making them preferable for heavily threaded creative apps.

Asus Radeon RX 6600 Dual V2 8GB Graphics Card |AU$349AU$295 at Mwave

Asus Radeon RX 6600 Dual V2 8GB Graphics Card | AU$349 AU$295 at Mwave (save AU$54)

Graphics cards bargains haven't been easy to find over the last few years, but this Asus Radeon RX 6600 isn't bad at all. If you're trying to game on a card that's a few years old, an RX 6600 is a good way to add some graphics grunt, especially if you are planning to get some quality game time in over the Christmas holidays.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Napa Leather AU$1,239 AU$909 at Secretlab

Secretlab Titan 2020 Napa Leather AU$1,239 AU$909 at Secretlab (save AU$330)

Secretlab chairs consistently sit near the top of our list of favorite gaming chairs. This one comes with luxurious leather upholstery and of course, Secretlab's renowned neck and back ergonomic support. Sure, you'll find cheaper gaming chairs, but few offer the comfort and feel of this particular one. Your butt and back will thank you for it.

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra wireless gaming mouse |AU$239AU$159 at Amazon

Corsair M65 RGB Ultra wireless gaming mouse | AU$239 AU$159 at Amazon
Available in both black and white varieties, this wirreless gaming mouse boasts what Corsair calls "sub-1ms Slipstream Wireless Technology, which is a fancy way of claiming it basically has no latency. Battery life is tremendous at 120 hours, and 26,000 DPI should result in razor sharp accuracy. This one is geared towards first-person shooter players. The wired version is also available with a big 30% discount, dropping from AU$119 to AU$83.

HyperX Cloud II |AU$159AU$98.90 at Amazon

HyperX Cloud II | AU$159 AU$98.90 at Amazon
While lately usurped by the Cloud III, HyperX's no-frills Cloud II is still a great 'n' functional headset for those who don't want to take a mortgage out on good gaming audio. You'd be a bit crazy to buy this at RRP at the moment (it tends to go for around AU$110) but if you're after one of the more ubiquitous and respected wired budget gaming headsets, this is a decent 38% discount.

Logitech G512 Carbon Lightsync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard AU$200 AU$98 at Amazon

Logitech G512 Carbon Lightsync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard AU$200 AU$98 at Amazon (save AU$102)

The G512 has been around a while, but a good keyboard is a good keyboard. The Logitech G512 Carbon Lightsync features GX Brown switches for those that prefer tactile feedback. It's made of anodized aluminium and it's got full RGB lighting. It's over 50% this Black Friday weekend, and at under a hundred bucks, it'd make a great Christmas present. 

HyperX QuadCast S |AU$299AU$198 at Amazon

HyperX QuadCast S | AU$299 AU$198 at Amazon
This takes the medal for best looking streaming microphone in our list of the best. Of course, "best looking" rests on your enthusiasm for RGB, but lets not get caught up in aesthetics: this thing is also a very good mic in all the more important and functional ways. It has a built-in shockmount, four polar patterns, and a crisp 16-bit 48kHz recording sample rate. 

When is Black Friday 2023 in Australia?

Black Friday 2022 is on Friday, November 24 this year and will effectively last through until Cyber Monday on November 27. 

Though, in reality, Black Friday is now a month-long event running pretty much throughout the entirety of November. 

What deals can I expect on Black Friday 2023?

We're so far into the current generation of both graphics cards and gaming laptops that, while you might see some last-gen GPUs in some discounted rigs, they're going to have to be seriously cheap to warrant picking over similarly priced current-gen systems.

But, because we are deep into this generation, and all the main cards have been dealt, there will be deals going down for the latest and greatest PC gaming tech. And that's pretty exciting. You can bet there will be a number of RTX 4060 gaming laptops and PCs going for less than AU$2,000 and that will be a great price for an entry level gaming system for sure.

Intel will have launched its new desktop processors by Black Friday, and while we won't see any 14th Gen discounts, I wouldn't be surprised to see Intel's 12th and 13th Gen chips up for sale. And I'm positive AMD's Zen 4 range is going to see some deep cuts this year.

There's been a serious price correction on memory over the last year and so DDR5 is now affordable so putting together a great gaming PC build is within your grasp this year. There has also been a glut of great SSDs deals, too with price drops so ludicrous you'd also be silly not picking up a 1TB drive, even as a spare. Maybe even a 2TB SSD. 

Screens are another regularly discounted commodity around Black Friday, and we doubt this year will be any different. This means both the best gaming monitors and the best TVs for gaming could get some tasty deals, too.

And there will always be gaming mice and keyboards on sale come Black Friday too, so they're worth taking a look at. It's a great time of year to treat your butt to a quality gaming chair as well, which tend to enjoy some healthy price cuts this time of year.

Should you wait to buy until Black Friday?

There are always reasons to hold off on making a new purchase whenever you are thinking about making one. Whether it's the potential for a new generation of techie goodness on the horizon—either cutting prices on existing models or delivering tangible higher performance—or because there might be an imminent sale like Black Friday looming.

When picking out the early Black Friday PC gaming deals we take all of this into consideration, and where we think prices on something might significantly drop on the big day itself we simply won't recommend it. But all of the products here we either believe won't significantly drop much further in terms of their pricing, or are just good deals that we wouldn't hesitate recommending if you wanted to make a purchase today.

What should I avoid buying on Black Friday 2023?

Anything you don't need. It's distressingly easy to be duped into dropping cash on something just because there's a hefty discount attached to it… even though you have absolutely no use for it. 

If you're considering making a purchase around Black Friday, have a plan of attack. That probably sounds needlessly aggressive, but you need to know what you actually want to buy first or you'll end up with no end of crap. Cheap crap, maybe, but crap nonetheless. 

Do some research on the products you'd like to pick up in the sales (we offer detailed hardware buying guides), and maybe some alternatives in case those don't pop up. Set yourself a strict budget too. 

Products like graphics cards and processors have obvious tiers (though the different companies work damned hard to make product names as confusing as possible), and SSDs have rated speeds, but for peripherals, it's tougher to tell from the specs whether they're worth the money. Checking for reviews, from such luminaries as ourselves, should guide you on your way.

Are there any Black Friday tips and tricks?

If you haven't already used it up during a credit card splurge around Amazon Prime Day, then you ought to take the opportunity to sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime. That will get you early access to the Lightning Deals, and help you grab some of Jeff's best deals of the day. It will also net you free shipping on a host of products and speedy delivery too, and at the very worst it'll be handy when it comes to bagging some last-minute Christmas gifts for that aunt you always forget about.

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