Cyber Monday CPU cooler and case fan deals

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Cyber Monday is almost here. As with every year, a massive number of products in every imaginable category will be on sale, including CPU coolers and PC fans. If you're building a new PC or looking to overclock your existing build, this time of year is a good opportunity to pick up new cooling equipment.

In this post, we'll go over what kind of sales you can expect to see in the weeks ahead, and what you should keep an eye out for. 

The best Cyber Monday CPU cooler and case fan deals

Corsair H115i Pro RGB | 280mm | $111.99 (save $28)
This big and bold all-in-one liquid cooler features a 280mm radiator with two 140mm fans, and an RGB pump head. Use code CYBER18 for the full discount. Buy at Corsair.

EVGA CLC 280 Dual 280mm CPU Cooler | $74.99 ($65 off)
This large all-in-one CPU cooler from EVGA with RGB lighting is at its lowest price ever. Buy at Amazon

Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC120E RGB 120mm CPU Cooler | $34.99 ($25 off)
This is a smaller all-in-one CPU cooler, but it still has RGB lighting. Buy at Amazon

NZXT | 10% off Sitewide + Free Shipping
NZXT makes some of our favorite cases, like the H700i and the S340, as well as fans, coolers, RGB lighting kits, and now motherboards too. Use code CYBERMONDAY for 10 percent off sitewide, plus free shipping. Shop at NZXT.

Corsair H100i Pro (2018) 240mm liquid cooler | $100 (Save $20)
Lowest-ever price. This 240mm RGB cooler is part of Corsair's new 2018 line, with a pair of its quiet 120mm maglev fans and support for its iCue software. Sync it to the rest of your RGB lights, if you have other Corsair gear. Buy at Amazon

MSI Core Frozr XL CPU Cooler | $79.99 ($50 off)
This absolute unit of a CPU cooler has 120mm fans on either side of the heat sink. You should definitely make sure it will fit in your case before purchasing. $40 savings with a $10 MIR. Buy at B&H.

NZXT Kraken X62 280mm CPU Cooler | $129.99 ($20 off)
This all-in-one CPU cooler from NZXT has a "performance engineered pump," individually addressable RGB lights, and reinforced tubing. The Walmart page is a little light on details, so take a look at NZXT's site for more info. Buy at Walmart

Cooler Master MA410P 120mm CPU Cooler | $24.99 ($25 off)
If you need a smaller CPU cooler with RGB lighting, this might be for you. The sale price is $34.99, but it drops another $10 with a mail-in rebate. Buy at Newegg.

EVGA CLC 120mm Liquid CPU Cooler | $60.00 ($30 off)
Not a bad cooler for first-timers that aren't trying to overclock their PC into the sun. $60 for good temps and quiet builds isn't bad. The price says goodbye on Saturday. Buy at Newegg.

CORSAIR Hydro Series H55 Quiet Edition Liquid CPU Cooler 120mm| $39.99 ($40 off)
Another reliable starter cooler, but from Corsair and for only $40 on Newegg. This deal ends on Saturday. Buy at Newegg.

Zalman 135 mm long-life CPU cooler | $20 ($12 off)
It's not as advanced as a liquid cooler, but the Zalman will do for smaller builds that aren't kitted with the latest hardware. And it'll last a long, long time. Buy at Newegg.

EVGA CLC 280 | $74.99 (save $65)
This EVGA cooling unit reduces noise while maintaining performance, making it an ideal addition to your tower. And with $65 off, too. Buy at Amazon.

CORSAIR Hydro Series H75 | $64.99 (save $25)
You can keep your machine nice and cool for less than $70 with this Hydro Series H75 model. Minimise noise and maximise airflow without breaking the bank. Buy at Amazon.

UK deals

Cooler Master Masterliquid ML240R RGB All-in-one | £84.98 (save £20)
Keep your AMD or Intel processor of choice cool with this vibrant dual-fan chiller. The bundled remote lets you change the lighting on the fly too. Buy at Novatech.

Expired deals

CORSAIR HYDRO H115i Dual 140mm CPU Cooler | $119.99 ($20 off)
This beefy all-in-one liquid CPU cooler from Corsair is $20 off right now, and it hardly ever goes on sale. Buy at Amazon

Corsair H100i v2 | 240mm AIO CPU cooler | $75 (Save $35)
This is the lowest-ever price for Corsair's reliable dual-rad all-in one liquid cooler. It has some snazzy RGB lighting, but more importantly, can keep your CPU very cool with little effort. Buy it at Amazon

Thermaltake Riing Trio 120mm Fans | $84.99 ($45 off)
These RGB fans from Thermaltake have 30 addressable LEDs for each fan and 16 light modes. You can even ask Alexa to change the colors! Buy at Amazon

RAIJINTEK IRIS 12 Addressable RGB 2-pack - 120mm | $18 ($42 off)
These do the trick too. They're fans and they're very cheap. An LED hub and controller comes in the box, so no worries there. (sold out)

Corsair LL120 120mm Fan | $24.99 ($10 off)
This fan has 16 independent RGB LEDs, split between two separate light loops. Buy at Amazon

Cooler Master MasterLiquid Maker 92 AIO Hybrid CPU Cooler | $45 (save $20) After rebate, $45 is a nice buy for this sucker that drags air if you don't need a liquid cooler, or you're trying to avoid crowding the case with cables and pipes. Out of stock. Buy at Newegg.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite Dual 120mm | $49.99 ($20 off)
This dual 120mm AIO cooler is $10 off on Newegg, but there's a mail-in rebate to save another $10. Out of Stock. Buy at Newegg

Noctua NH-D15 dual 140mm air cooling tower | $77 (Save 20%)
Noctua's legendary giant air cooler, with six heat pipes and two fans offering enough cooling for any overclocked CPU you throw it at. It works with both Intel and AMD sockets. This cooler, as well as other Noctua coolers and fans, are 20 percent off at Rakuten using the code BF20. Buy at Rakuten

Cooler Master MasterLiquid Maker 92 AIO Hybrid CPU Cooler | $45 ($20 off)
After rebate, $45 is a nice buy for this sucker that drags air if you don't need a liquid cooler, or you're trying to avoid crowding the case with cables and pipes. 

Rosewill Cullinan Red LED fan - 120mm | $9 ($16 off)
Now that's a deep red. Mmm. These Rosewills are very quiet, too, which will make your rig a silent, brooding monster. 

Rosewill RGB Case Fan 2-Pack - 120mm | $20 ($30 off)
These fans are fairly quiet, but extremely loud in terms of color (if you so choose). A hub is included too, because you can never have too many fans until you have too many and where do these wires go oh no oh no oh no—

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