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APB: Reloaded closed beta taking applications

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GamersFirst are hard at work rebuilding APB for a free-to-play release later this year. A closed beta is set to start towards the end of February. Read on to find out how to apply.

GamersFirst COO Bjorn Book-Larsson announced the details on the APB blog . Applying for the beta is relatively simple. Head over to the APB site , enter your email address and create a GamersFirst account . A couple of weeks before the beta starts you'll receive another email asking you to follow a link to confirm your beta application. Along with this you'll have to send in a DxDiag report and more information about your PC and your gaming preferences.

It's mentioned that GamersFirst are aiming to get 3-8,000 people on the closed beta for a while before moving into a bigger open beta phase. Those who participate in the beta will receive an unspecified form of reward when the game is fully released. Book-Larsson says "As a thank you to our beta testers we expect to give away a token that shows you were a beta tester back in the day. Trust us, we will not forget who you were."

He also reveals more information on what will happen to old APB characters. Players will be able to reclaim their old characters along with all of the items and customisation options, but they won't retain their mission progress. Book-Larsson mentions that Real Time World points won't be refunded or useable in APB: Reloaded, stressing that GamersFirst "simply have no information about anything you bought via EA, Digital River nor Steam."

For more information on GamersFirst's plans for APB, check out our interview with Bjorn Book-Larsson .

[via Bluesnews ]

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