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American Truck Simulator teases a 'colorful' new journey through America's rugged wilds

American Truck Simulator, which finally got openable windows in a big update in February, is going someplace new—and it's up to you to figure out where.

You don't actually have to guess the new destination—there are no prizes involved, and I'm sure that all will be revealed in good time—but it's a fun little tease for some new road time in one of our favorite niche driving sims. Not being a citizen of the US myself, I really have no idea where these roads could roll, but the teaser reminds me a lot of Far Cry 5, which was set in Montana. Does Montana have a desert? Yes it does!

Setting side my Ubisoft-derived geographical insights, however, a hint at the tail-end of the teaser—"Get ready for a colorful ride"—may be more useful in determining where we're headed next. "Colorful"— Colorado, anyone? As much as I'd enjoy the opportunity to talk about prairie oysters again, I'm thinking the Centennial State is probably the better bet. 

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