Astro Gaming's A40 TR headset is on sale for $100 right now

There are plenty of companies to peruse when on the hunt for the best gaming headset, and for a long time, Astro Gaming was a name that often came up in such searches. Astro Gaming was acquired by Logitech in 2017, but as far as we can tell, it still operates independently. It's also still cranking out the AR40 TR, normally a $149.99 headset, that is on sale for $99.99.

Astro Gaming is competing in field that is much more crowded these days, though its headsets are still well regarded. The AR40 TR in particular is a wired stereo headset with 40mm drivers that are "tuned for gaming." It also features a swappable mic and customizable speaker tags.


Astro Gaming AR40 TR | 7.1 Surround | $99.99 (save $50)
The A40 TR is an open-back stereo sound headset with 40mm drivers that are tuned for gaming. This is the lowest price we've seen it sell for. Buy at Dell

We haven't tested this model with a VR headset, but according to Astro Gaming, it fits "perfectly" over the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

You can also get this headset in white, and with a MixAmp Pro bundled in, all at discounted prices:

The MixAmp Pro adds several features, including Dolby Headphone 7.1 surround sound, game voice balancing, optical input, EQ modes, and a few other goodies.

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