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Can't find AC Valhalla comb that belongs to Bil? Searching for the misplaced item is a simple task, but knowing where to look is the challenging part. This quest requires you to work quickly, but I'm here to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

It's worth trekking to this region in Rygjafylke as the views are absolutely stunning. There's plenty of time to take a break from admiring your surroundings and pitch in to help Bil out, though. Here's where you need to go to find the Assassin's Creed Valhalla comb that belongs to Bil, and what happens when you return it to her.

AC Valhalla comb location: Where to find Bil's comb

The Comb of Champions world event takes place just east of the Adrift Refuge (south of Hildesvini's Crag) in Rygjafylke, on the edge of a small body of water. If you've previously synchronised in this area, it won't take long to fast travel and then climb down to the pool.

Wander over to the water's edge to find Bil sat on a red rug. Speak to her to discover that she has misplaced her comb and is offering an evening of her company to whoever is able to find it. Walk over to the table behind to read the A Maiden's Missive note. The note mentions that you can "Find me by the rushing waters, And be my fish in shining armor". This is quite an obvious clue that it's time to take a dip in the frosty lake that you're standing next to.

The water looks far from inviting, and you'll begin to take damage if you waste time, so let's grab that comb as quickly as possible. Wade into the water and dive straight down. Once you're a few meters down, use Odin Sight to highlight the exact location of the comb. It'll appear as a glowing blue orb near the bottom. Interact with the orb to retrieve the Elk-Antler Comb.

Swim back up to the surface and return to Bil. She'll announce that the comb has been found and she'll invite you to walk with her. Once Bil settles on another rug by a fire, speak to her and she'll say that you can keep the comb and comb your hair. She even offers to comb your hair for you, or "do more than comb your hair, find all your knots and snags and tame them...if you'd like". You can choose between two options as a response:

  • I would enjoy your touch.
  • Thank you, but no.

This choice isn't particularly important, so its all down to how friendly you're feeling. If you pick "I would enjoy your touch", the scene fades to black. Bil then says that Eivor can hold onto the comb as a keepsake. Eivor thanks Bil, then you're free to leave.

When you choose "Thank you, but no", Eivor will try to return the comb to Bil. However, Bil will still tell Eivor to keep it as it was a reward for her champion. Then she bids you farewell.

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