Arma 3 free weekend and free copy of Arma: Cold War as part of the Bohemia anniversary sale

Bohemia Interactive are 15 years old. And while I forgot to get them a present, they're going to give you one: a free weekend trial of Arma 3 , and a free copy of ARMA: Cold War . In addition, the entirety of the Bohemia catalogue is now on sale on Steam. If you're a fan of military simulations—or of underwater puzzle games about secret agent fish —it's going to be a weekend to remember.

The Arma 3 weekend trial gives you full access to the game, including multiplayer, scenarios, and the newly completed campaign, until Sunday, 1pm PDT (9pm BST). To install the game, head over to the Steam page , and track down the tiny link hidden inside the words "click here to install".

For Arma: Cold War, the game previously known as Operation Flashpoint, you can get it free forever, as long as you claim it over this weekend. Just head onto its Steam page and click the big 'Play Game' button.

To see the full sale event, head to the Bohemia Anniversary sale page .

Phil Savage

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